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Rauceby Church of England


Ofsted & Performance


In June 2023, the school enjoyed a very successful OfSTED inspection, which again reinforced the school’s high standing within the local community and the quality of education that the children receive at Rauceby Church of England Primary School; thanks to the ongoing quality of teaching and the support from the whole school community.


OfSTED - June 2023

SIAMS (Church School Inspection) - March 2019: 'This is a GOOD school.'

'The school has a strong commitment to living out the Christian vision meaning that each child is truly valued as an individual, loved by God, whose full potential is being developed.'


We are a Church School

The Church, in particular St Peter's Church in North Rauceby, is at the centre of our school community and we are very proud of how our children live and breathe our Christian Values in everything they do.


Our most recent Church School's Inspection, known as SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools), in March 2019 showed that the school has a strong commitment to living out the Christian vision - meaning that each child is truly valued as an individual loved by God whose full potential is being developed.  The inspection report also noted that a culture of lifelong learning for all creates opportunities for deep thinking and questioning across the curriculum, and that collective worship and prayer are central to school life, contributing significantly to the mental health and well-being of all.


Please take a moment to read the full report by clicking on the link below.


We are very proud of the high standards, achievements, and progress our children make here at Rauceby Church of England Primary Academy - not just academically but in the children that leave us at the end of their journey with us.

Statutory testing resumed in the academic year 2021-2022 and we are proud to share our outstanding Y6 achievements.


READING, WRITING, MATHS COMBINEDRauceby PrimaryLincolnshireNational
Age Related Expectation 88.5%54.5%58.5%
Greater Depth15.4%5.3%7.2%


READINGRauceby PrimaryLincolnshireNational
Age Related Expectation 96.2%70.7%74.5%
Greater Depth23.1%23.3%27.8%
Average Scaled Score107.3103.7104.8
Progress Score-0.5-0.60.1


WRITINGRauceby PrimaryLincolnshireNational
Age Related Expectation 88.5%65.7%69.3%
Greater Depth23.1%10.2%12.7%
Progress Score+1.1-0.50.1



MATHSRauceby PrimaryLincolnshireNational
Age Related Expectation 96.2%68.4%71.2%
Greater Depth50.0%17.8%22.3%
Average Scaled Score108.5102.9103.8
Progress Score+2.5-0.40.1


GRAMMAR, SPELLING AND PUNCTUATIONRauceby PrimaryLincolnshireNational
Age Related Expectation 84.6%68.8%72.2%
Greater Depth38.5%23.7%28%
Average Scaled Score108.4104105